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Lisbon, strolling through the old quarters

Youthful spirit of Portugal

They say, the ghosts of the past are all in Portugal, a stunning country with golden beaches, medieval castles and stone villages make it all so special. There ain't one thing that's missing in Portugal, the food is great, people are beautiful inside and out, the nature is breathtaking and history, well that's where it all begun...

The world famous Vila de Foz Coa with its markable age of 20000 years, magnificent sunsets over the mysterious country. there are plenty of places to go and lots of things to see, son get ready for the marvellous beauty of Portugal, get lost in corridors of Unesco World Heritage Sites in Tomar, clifftop castles or just enjoy the beautiful scenery and welcoming atmosphere.

Portugal knows how to enjoy and to celebrate the life, from drinking, dancing and eating,yes, eating is another passion that takes over you , while visiting. freshly baked bread, sold early in the morning from an old man, cheese, red wine and olives, sounds like a paradise right? Hit the dance party in Bairro Alto, where life music will lift your spirits up in every bar, in Coimbra, Lagos or Porto.

Any kind of smoked meats, seafood and lot of sweets will spoil your tastes, it means, you will have to move on, in order to not gain an extra weight, Portugal is beautiful from every point, hiking, trekking, going for mountain treks in the Serra da Estrela, swimming in Parque Natural da Arrabida, and exploring in general it what makes it so beautiful, of course a little trip to Belem, an 1837 patisserie or sipping the wine of the Douro valley.

Portugal is both, old fashioned traditions wrapped into open minded atmosphere, hidden beaches, edgy cliffs and pretty towns, where people will welcome you like their family member, enjoy the sun, the beauty of nature and never ending fiesta! Portugal might surprise you on every step you make, it's tiny but endlessly fascinating country.

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