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Bangkok, the new City of Angels

Same same, but different

It's the new City of Angels, Bangkok has become the number one destination in Southest Asia, with no traffic jams whatsoever, thanks to the greatest modern skytrain and the underground system, that put everything in order, it's a fantastic place to enjoy some of the best Asian food brought together in one spicy dish...Fabulous sights, monuments, exhibitions, arts and so much more, you might be surprise how much this vibrant capital can offer.

A city, where noodles have their own particular taste, sweet sour, spicy and salty, selling noodles everywhere on the streets, or restaurants, there are probably no better dining option in the whole world, thanks to its immigrants that like preset bring their cultural cuisine to the Thai Princess, introducing it with only the best, it will be a truly diverse experience.

What about the language barrier, same as in Italy and Greece, as long as people are welcoming, they will understand you and you will's just about being positive and easy, Thai people are , this was never an issue to stop loving the Thai people. All you need is a sense of Sa Nuk, which is Fun, whether you are in the market, ordering food, taking pictures, or buying stuff, flirt and a smile,and you fluently speak's a language that doesn't require words...

It's not just the food that makes the capital amazing, it's everything,Banglamphu and Chinatown that still carry the grit and character of the city that used to be mixed with the new Bangkok, with mega malls everywhere, with some of the best shopping, compete with a sea of boutiques and markets, where you can and you definitely will treat yourself without overspending. Chinatown can be explored with tuk tuk , gleaming temples and some of the best nightlife, which is famous for cabarets and men favorite exotic red light districts, Bangkok is one of the best travel destination of all the times, that will never stop to amaze you.

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