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Dubai, luxury travel destination

Futuristic skyscrapers surrounded by endless desert

One of the fastest growing cities in the world, Dubai turned from a small trading centre to what it is today: cosmopolitan, fancy, elegant and powerful. It had its economy growing originally due to oil industry, but today it's not only that, the city is a transportation hub, the economy is sustained by tourism, financial services, aviation and others. The world remembers Dubai for its skyscrapers and innovative constructions, such Palm Jumeirah and the tallest building on Earth, the Burj Khalifa.

A marvelous gift from the mankind, Dubai was constructed on the desert, and it's still seen on the countryside, but with all the luxurious details in the metropolis, one can spend the whole trip just exploring this gigantic modern jewel. This city is a great destination for shopping, fine dining, partying, and being glamorous.

The must to see is obviously the Burj Khalifa, with the observation deck at 124th floor, fountains, malls and hotels. The world's largest dancing fountain is also here: the Dubai Fountain has jets that go higher that 150m, and the shows happens everyday at evening. The Dubai Marina, an artificial canal city along the Persian Gulf shore, offers a beautiful view of the skyline, some beaches and malls.

The activities are numerous, ranging from classical shopping to camel races, all of them with that special touch of glamour. Some of the whitest and cleanest beaches are here, and the number of watersports and activities on the beach are big. There are skiing centre, safaris on the desert, creek cruise, hot air balloon tour, fishing, golf, and many many other stuff.

Dubai is a luxurious dream of travel, a place where you witness the power of men and how things can develop quickly, a metropolis where once there was only sand, an artwork in shape of city, the amusement and relaxation all at once. Dubai is a destination not to miss in the XXI century.

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