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Fiji, spectacular underwater scenery

Soft coral capital of the world

Reefs packed with all kind of colorful, rare fishes, so of the most breathtaking beaches and very welcoming and smiley locals, that Fiji, one of the best destinations of all time. Take you sunscreen and few bikinis, that would be more than enough for unforgettable adventure, with sunny isles and cloudless skies, no wonder the citizens smiley all day, every day! There is a great chance for you to fall into a sun coma surrounded by shadow of palm trees.

Fiji promises a lot, it's a paradise, where you can totally relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, appreciating the things that really matters in life, such as family, health, no pressure just you and the island...set yourself on Fiji time! By the way it was first settled by Malanesian settlers about 3500 years ago, but the Europeans didn't make it until the 19th of century.

The favorite islands in Fiji are the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands, which are attached to the main island of Fiji, Viti Levu. Not to mention, that Fiji has one of the strongest economies of all Pacific island nations, it's very rich with natural resources and is one of the top destinations for tourists from all over the world. Fiji is also rich with forests and fish resources, sugar, clothing, gold and silver are just a little part of its economical goals. Agriculture is the biggest part of Fiji's economy, with the best natural products, such as bananas, rice, sweet potatoes, horses, pigs, goats and fish.

Another bright side of your Fiji vacation will be the food, an excellent seafood, fish , prawn, lobsters, in few words, this is a culinary creator's dream. One of the most traditional is the Fijian Lovo, the food is cooked in an underground oven, all kind of meats or veg, the taste will be like BBQ style, with smoked taste.

Their lovo type of cooking comes from centuries , that was practised back then. Fijian cuisine also includes a lot homemade curries, there is unique flavor to each of those simple meals, they are simply delight to eat, you will experience some of the best seafood meals and stunning scenery of beautiful nature.

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