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Rimini, jam packed beaches

First bathing establishments

If there's a place with young and cool people in Italy, Rimini is the place. On the shores of the Adriatic sea and having breath taking beaches, the city is a hot spot on the summer for italians to enjoy, party and have fun. And not only that, Rimini is one of the most famous seasides in Europe, having many kilometres of infinite beaches, numerous hotels, bars and clubs.

A Roman colony was founded where today is Rimini, and from those times remain ruins of an amphitheater and other ruins from bridges and arches, together with churches and castles from the middle ages, that can be visited and offer a good time to a traveler spending a peaceful day walking in the historical centre of the city.

But the main attraction is surely the beaches, with 15 kilometers of golden sand, fresh sea waters and probably loads of people. There you can find theme parks, aqua parks, golf fields, aquariums, caves, gardens, nature reserves, and many other stuff. The beach is the perfect place for visitors to relax, chill and sunbath to prepare to the stunning nightlife.

The city has many events, like concerts and festivals, and the bars will always be full in the summer, with young people dancing and drinking for the whole night. And the special thing is that most of these people are Italians, so it'll be a good chance to get in touch with locals and the culture. Rimini is for sure the best nightlife of Italy.

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