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Colonial splendor of Ecuador

Quito, different world entirely

Ecuador might be tiny, but it's an amazing getaway with countless wonders, your breath will be taken away by heights of Andes, Amazonian rain forests and never ending charm of citizens living a dream in colonial villages. Greatly renovated mansions and monasteries, sparkling markets and architectural treasures, making you coming back.

There are plenty of things to see and to do, Ecuador will make you fell in love with itself, you can hike, surf, simply enjoying the sun and the beauty that this country offers. Ecuador shares its borders with both the Northern and the Southern hemispheres, so you will experience all, rolling hills and fertile plains, there is also a plethora of rivers that rush through the country.

The country has 640 kilometers of coastline with countless attractive beaches and hotel resorts, not to mention the several important peaks, such as Chimborazo, the Illinizas, Cotopaxi, Cayambe, and Antisana, and of course the impressive 5000 m high volcano.

Ecuadorians definite know how to fully enjoy their lives, the dance seems to be their god and that special something making you moving forward no matter what...the music in this country successfully reflects the multicultural and multicultural character of the country. the music has been influenced by a mix of African rhythms, Andean music and jungle music. The most famous is Pasillo dance, which is based on classic Viennese waltz, wrapped into melancholy melodies.

The food in Ecuador is exquisite, once you will taste this countries cuisine, there won't be any other to compare to, the most talked about is guinea pig or curry, grilled meat and other not so healthy goods, from traditional and tropical, you will find few that can't be missed eats in this splendid country. But you can't say that you have visited Ecuador if you haven't try the fresh tropical fruits that are available in here.

Even if pineapples and bananas seem to be a very common fruits, they taste especially good in here, do not miss some of interesting varieties of rare fruits available only in this region, such as guanabana, which tastes like a mix of coconut, strawberries and pineapple, delicious! Eat a lot and fully enjoy Ecuador with all what it has to offer, drink smoothies, eat meat and relax in this wild paradise.

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