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Brussels, chocolate shops sublime

Chocolate Easter bunnies

Belgium might seem attractive for few things only, great beer and mussels, but that's only opinion of few closed minds, the beer is simply divine and life is vibrant and endlessly varied, you can do anything anywhere. Fulfilled with art galleries, theatrical and artistic life, exquisite food and super social support, living in Belgium you will understand what's the real life supposed to be like.

And what about the chocolate Belgians have, if other capitals would have sightseeing walking tours, Belgians will offer you beer and chocolate tours, walking you through the top chocolate shops. The best of the best chocolates of Belgium to taste, every chocolate lover dream!

A professional tour guide will point out the major sights and explain the history of Brussels and why its famous for mouth watering chocolate. You will be lucky enough to taste the samples of the heavenly sweet chocolate, you will also learn to make the sweet and bitter Belgian treat with the Master Chocolate!

As the Easter is knocking the door, a real Easter egg is what you need, made with real cream or alcoholic filling,the only difference between those and classic Easter chocolate eggs is that they don't keep for very long ...but then who would keep something so delicious hidden somewhere. So if you happen to find yourself wondering Belgian streets, remember to not miss the chocolate tour of Brussels and bring some with you once you leave.

You would probably ask what's so special about the Belgian chocolate, well for the starters, the excellent quality, it's unique and the recipes are with specific secret ingredients. Belgian chocolatiers stick with the traditions, so the best chocolate is guaranteed, most of those are made using the older equipment, by hand, in small dedicated shops.

These kind of tours are unique and very classic in Belgium, offering excluding souvenirs and tasting of the best chocolate you will ever taste!

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