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Uruguay's many faces

Best kept secret of South America

South America is still undiscovered pearl of the world, where most would be scared to go for all kind of reasons, danger, food poison or poverty, well let those fools be limited and closed minded, we can still enjoy! Beautiful Andean peaks, colonial towns, some of the best beaches in the world and indescribable nature, that's exactly what they are missing! Stunning wonders of South America will set your mode on for incredible adventures.

Uruguay used to be South America's biggest pearl, the secret they kept for centuries until the Peso crashed, the life became super cheap for travelers, cheap, marvelous vacations and lifetime adventures. Once they can pay less for beautiful locations, even if it seems scary, they risk, it's a human curiosity, they loved it, every single one of them!

Uruguay's capital is Montevideo, it's home to nearly half of country's population, it's vibrant, rich of culture and simply stunning, once you step in, you will fall in love! They say that Montevideo has many faces to wear, there is the industrial port, exclusive and also simple beaches, business district and historic downtown.

One of the most memorable things while visiting Uruguay will be cuisine, the seafood is on the top of the list, the speciality is Morcilla Dulce, which is the the blood sausage sweetened with raisins and sweet and aromatic spices...a lot of meat, that's what you will get in here, delicious meat, grilled,, red meat.

Some of the restaurants also offers Italian specialties, such as pizza and pasta. One thing is guaranteed, Uruguay will offer you splendid views and delicious meals, what else you need in vacation?

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