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Romance and drama in Montenegro

Impossible to avoid this magical world

Montenegro won't leave you indifferent, it's a pearl of Mediterranean, located in the south of the Adriatic, this paradise will open you a brand new land to admire and love, with mild beaches, clear lakes and natural beauty that is outstanding. You will wake up breathing fresh mountain air, overlooking the gorgeous giant mountains, living side to side the natural wealth of Montenegro.

Many will head there to heal,and that's true, Montenegro has great weather conditions, very clean air and some of the most remarkable places to visit, beside the blue Adriatic Sea. It's situated next to the Croatia, Albania, Bosnia , Serbia and Italy. Montenegro might be small in its size, but it has more to offer than some other big country. Montenegro is Europe's youngest country, gaining its independence from Serbia back in 2006, but it has grown fast, rapidly developing a tourist industry of its very own.

The meaning of Montenegro is Black mountain, which is fulfilled with romance and drama, don't worry it will be anything but boring destination, it won't disappoint you. Extraordinary beauty of the Kotor Bay will simply take your breath away, it's specially magical in Summer, the streets of the cities fulfill with all kind of people, having a walk, it's like some kind of social stroll, they leave their house to walk around enjoy.

It's so tiny but perfectly formed, rugged peaks, sun filled beaches and canyons that make you feel so small, standing next to them, the architecture is like a gypsy hear, something from Greece's old towns, Venice's romantic charm and a clear and very beautiful picture of Montenegro itself.

Montenegro coast is like nowhere else, it seems to be unavoidable world, ancient towns, sharp mountains and crystal clear waters. Montenegro has everything in its little territory wrapped carefully and perfectly, traditions, culture, history, nature and great weather.

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