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Istanbul, the capital of three empires

Blue turquoise water fronts

Istanbullus start to believe the fact that they live in the hippest city in the world, you literally can't breath from the culture that surrounds you while in there, monuments, galleries,clubs and countless mosques, Istanbul is just hot!

It's the capital of the successive empires, with more than 2000 years history that shows off in every possible way. The stunning blue turquoise water fronts will keep inviting you and coming back to the city. Istanbul is located on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, the only city in the world, totally diverse and extremely beautiful.

Istanbul is a pretty mess of past and modern future, hosting three empires, Roman Byzantine and Ottoman empires, the mix of different cultures seems easy and even harmonic, so you will be forced to enjoy the rhythm of the chaotic city. You will experience things that only Istanbul can provide, such us a meal with the landscape of another continent.

The greatest thing in Istanbul is that is non stop alive, vibrant and never sleeping, any time of day and night you can head outside, and you will see bunch of people, restaurants, clubs and bars opened, there is no limit no closing hours, it's anything but sleeping. Very important historic buildings and exciting new art galleries and museums for tourists making them busy all day long, but the secret of Istanbul is the night, when the place swings into high-velocity, mega-stylish action.

Many are still surprised when hearing the fact that Istanbul isn't the capital of Turkey, with historical beauties, peninsula and simply being a magnificently unique city that has been capital to many civilizations from past to present, and still it is home for many from all around the world, it has its own taste and spirit, and again there is no other like Istanbul.

The history of thousands of years is there behind every door you pass by, close or open, you will see it all, the natural and historical wonders spread all around the enormes city. Grand Bazaar is definitely one to not miss, surrounding yourself between hippies and sellers , which sometimes annoying voice you will hear from far away, with bright and pleasant environment , take a deep breath and enjoy the blue coast...

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