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Perth, big city attractions and

Sophisticated and cosmopolitan city

They say it's the best city in Australia, Perth, I have no idea who are They, but one is for sure, it's hard to not love a place, where weather is mostly wonderful, beaches are stunning and the character of the locals is easygoing. Perth is a combination of big metropolis and relaxed surrounds, where every now and then you might find a peaceful corner to hide from world. It's well organized and full of attractions, you can not get bored in Perth, attractions screaming for attention, Perth is sophisticated and very cosmopolitan city, that won't leave you indifferent.

Perth has everything for everyone, busy streets for city lovers and great places to chill out for peace lovers, it's a parkland, with bushes and ocean beaches near by, the public transport system is great, giving you a chance to spread all over Perth, fast, cheap and with comfort.

It's perfectly located alongside the Swan River, Perth is twenty kilometers inland of the Indian Ocean, Perth's sunny coast will allow you to enjoy the sandy beaches and swimming in the surf, or simply watching the world going by, lying on the towel and putting on sunscreen, watching hot surfers and some of the greatest panoramas of Perth's sunny coast.

Perth is fulfilled with the best restaurants and bars, as it's also a wine region, great wine will be guaranteed, the Swan Valley Region, being one of the oldest Australia's wine regions. It's a home to more than 40 vineyards, many of which are still going successfully on, still runned by families, that originally started this business.

If you feel like surrounded by many tourists and locals, making Perth's streets too hard to handle, get a ferry to the Rottnest Island, that promises a very relaxed atmosphere, being a popular holiday destination. You will meet there the little marsupial Quokka, who is actually responsible for the name of the island.

For those ones seeking the party and fun, Perth has number of locations to jump in, the district of North Bridge, you will find many bars and nightclubs in their, cafes and restaurants to fully enjoy the mix of Perth's cultures and cuisines. Young, elders, wild, calm, everyone will find its own Perth...just find yours.

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