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Panama, the essence of paradise

Coffee farms and deserted islands

Once you pack your bags for Panama, throw some of bikinis and sunscreen, and be prepared to have the time of your life, say "hello, Paradise". Never ending Summer, turquoise seas and coffee's paradise, where farmers get the finest coffee's located between the Caribbean vibes and monster Pacific swells, Panama promises a lot, and gives even more. You will see some of the best beaches on earth, with deserted islands that will chill you and spoil you , the whole other world that exist is only the water's edge, find yourself, dive, eat, enjoy as much as you can, it's gonna be worth it.

The whale sharks will scare you till death in the Pacific, that will turns your ferry ride into an adrenaline-filled event, pleasantly setting sail in the indigenous territory of Kuna Yala or watching sunsets over reefs of Bocas del Toro. It's nature is totally to discover, the monkeys outside your cabin or turtles and whales in the beautiful Caribbean waters, it's a small tropical paradise with the best to offer. Once you get to Panama , you might get confused, by not knowing where to start from, take it step by step, get to the wild things , waterfalls near amazing highland Santa Fe, fully enjoy the wilderness beach in Peninsula de Azuero, Panama is about imagination, you can get as far as you want to...

The capital of this tropical country? Also known as Miami of the south, Panama city is the greatest getaway seeking for country's rich and vibrant life. No doubt , it's Central America's most cosmopolitan capital, center of banking and trade, its skyline of glass and steel towers will set you on awaking mode. Even if Panama city offers a lot of chic and stunning restaurants, dance clubs and bars, the visitors often prefer the dilapidated neighborhood of historic buildings and cobbled streets, which are reminders of old Havana, with its charm and enchant. All you need , is to slip into the Latin rhythm, and you will easily flow with it, enjoying every single bit of it.

Panama in general? A total mess between the cultures, the love and passion for Latin music, amazing nature and diverse beliefs. There is a special energy all around this country that feeds you, and you start to feel addicted from it, Panama is a positive confluence, from which you will never get enough.

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