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Medieval castles and umbrella sky

Portugal, endlessly fascinating country

Portugal touches borders only with Spain , the rest is North Atlantic Ocean, lose yourself in the beauty of nature, Portugal has many things to offer, traditions, culture, great cuisine and some of the best scenery in the world. You will experience golden beaches, medieval castles and stone villages. This amazing country promises a lot, and leaves you with even more that promised, get lost in the elaborate corridors of Alcobaca or Batalha.

Romans, Visigoths, Christians and Celts have left their markable traditions everywhere the country, in food, in monuments and culture in Iberian nation, it's diverse and unique. Vila Nova Foz Coa is a city with 20000 year old stone carvings, beautiful medieval town centers that will throw you back in the past and guide you through the memory alley.

If you get out to the countryside, you will experience all its startling variety, for hiking lovers, there will be granite peaks to climb of National Park, Peneda Geres, or looking for relax, you will have 800 km coast to lose yourself, you can also go for mountain treks in the Serra da Estrela. Beaches are simply splendid, giving you chance to gaze over dramatic end-of-the-world cliffs, surfers will be more than amazed by the waves breaking , or be lazy off along the sandy beaches fronting the blue seas.

The food is something really special about Portugal, that you can not miss, excellent red wine and some of the best olives you will ever taste, smoked meats and outstanding and affordable seafood, all that accompanied with freshly baked bread. If you have a chance and time, definitely experience wine tasting in one of the scenic vineyards, sipping the velvety ports of the Douro valley.

There thousand things that will make you fall in love with this beautiful country, old-fashioned traditions of village life, stunning views along the coast, the country is full of surprises, and one we can assure, you will never get tired to explore this fascinating country.

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