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Amys Blog September / October 2007

New School Uniforms for Git Git’s Children

A few staff from the Wahana Kria Putri Foundation and I went to two primary schools in Git Git village, north of Bali, to take body measurements of some of the children there. Our purpose is to give new school uniforms and new shoes to some of the poorest students as part of the foundation’s community development project.

Shy but curious, the children lined up in a single file whilst our staff, Ibu Meity, took their measurements. Once that was done, the children rummaged through bags of small black sneakers to find their correct shoe sizes. Taking off their own well-beyond-wear sneakers, I noticed how worn out their socks were- soiled and thinned. Some had gaping holes in the heels and others had patches of another sock sewn in. Looking up, their uniforms were discoloured and damaged.

I met a young Balinese girl with Bambi-like eyes there. She was very shy but could not stop herself from looking into my camera. She was one of the few students who received a scholarship from the local government to purchase new uniform and books for school. Unfortunately, her parents used that money on buying ceremonial offerings instead and had nothing left for the girl. She was very upset and had been crying for days until WKP offered to put her in the school uniform project with the other students. She stood outside the room to let me take a photo of her and happily went back to class.

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