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Wanderlust festival in Bali

Great adventure on earth

Paradisial thoughts are brought up with name Bali, it's like no one else in the world, and it's true, apart the stunning beaches and other resorts, there is something that stands all over, the spirit of Bali, its essence. This vacation will be a tropical state of mind, that will be with you all the time, and you will find it hard to get back on your feet once coming from the paradise, throwing yourself back in the reality.

Surfing, diving, kindest smiles ever, they might seem fake, but the shocking truth is that they are not, the inhabitants of this small island are indeed a generous, genuinely warm people. Enjoy it and pray for more possible bold people coming on your way, you could say "Bung ujan" which means , the rain of today has been cancelled, it's their way of saying that the hairless head is like a clear sky :) It's a place where you take everything less serious, less caring and more seeing things clear. Don't worry about things you can not change and enjoy more what and while you can.

There was a time, when people used to go out to musical and cultural festivals, they burned themselves out and took a recovery, that was enough for some month...and here it is again, a festival that will keep you calm afterwards for some time...Wanderlust festival in Bali celebrated each year at March. It's both, spiritual and fun, Bali Spirit festival is a new phenomenon, with some of the best health and wellness presenters from the world, with more than 50 country's participants. It's gonna be unique and unforgettable experience, that you will never forget, you will be discovering six of your senses, the place itself is relaxing and welcoming.

You will lose yourself in Bali's chaos of Kuta, with volcanoes of central mountains, spiritual temples and unforgettable Spirit festival, which lasts nine days, full of exhibition, dance and costumes, sook black painted faces and animal bones created, each of three days ends up with masquerade ball. It's up to you, attend it or not, in any case, whatever you do, Bali wont leave you indifferent.

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