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The NotSo Hostel

Charlston, USA

The NotSo hostel radiates charm unlike any other hostel. As you walk up to the the southern style porch it welcomes you with a Buddha statue and mix-n-match chairs and tables.

Once you're inside you'll find a bookshelf with a leave one-take one deal, a load of VHS tapes and a bowl of veggie chips to share. It'll make you feel like you're right at home.

People are sharing beers and stories around a communal kitchen, some are enjoying the weather on a signature Charleston style porch, while others are finding comfort by relaxing in their room. There are plenty of perks including free wifi, free parking, complimentary breakfast, an herb garden and a hammock.

It's located centrally downtown which makes it within walking distance to plenty of Charleston's historical sites. If you have not had the pleasure of staying in a hostel, Charleston's NotSo Hostel is a great place to start.

Sharing beers and stories around

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