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Milan, no obvious soul

Extravagant taste and never ending style

The life of a traveler is not as simple as it may seem. Many countries have hidden gems and beautiful countrysides that are off the guides and not often spoken of, and these are exactly the places that some travelers are looking for. Here in Italy it's not different: the beauties of the countryside and true local culture are found where the tourists don't go.

A good example of that are the lakes in Lombardy. This region is on the north of Italy, having Milan as capital and more than two hundred years of history being ruled by France or Austria, resulting that the culture, the landscape, the language spoken in some cities belong more to those northern countries than to Italy itself.

Maybe the most impressive of those lakes is the Orta, with an islet on the centre with a small village, it's the most popular spot but quite interesting, beautiful and romantic. The lake Garda is a very good spot to windsurf and sail, besides the lovely landscape and view of the place, with the deep blue lake matching amazingly with the mountains.The lake Como has also an stunning view, with the forests rising from the edge of the water, having mountains with good hiking trails.

But Lombardy is not only made of lakes, many cities have well preserved historical centres, works of art, churches, palaces, and others. Pavia, for an example, as a monastery complex called Certosa, with an important collection of stained glass, as beautiful as the frescoes in Mantua, a city once governed for centuries from ducal palaces and palaces. While traveling from one lake to another, a visitor can stop by those interesting cities and enjoy the Italian art an atmosphere.

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