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Vienna, imperial history

Exciting contemporary museums and the best nightlife

Not a city like Rome where you know specifically what to visit and have famous tourist destinations like Coliseum, Vienna is more like a place where you go to dive into the local culture, to feel the energy and atmosphere of the place, observe and meet locals in their daily lives, do what they do and eat what they eat, and you'll understand why it was considered many times as the best city to live in.

Not that it doesn't have attractions or places to see, indeed the centre of the city is a World Heritage Site and a tourist will find splendid architecture and trappings everywhere, reminiscences of the Imperial Capital it once was.

Must to see over there is surely the Museums Quartier, the imperial buildings opera houses and churches. Among the most famous of the is the St Stephens's Cathedral, he most important religious building in the capital, Hofbug, the most symbolic building of the culture and heritage of Austria, the Schloss Belvedere, a masterpiece of palaces, and one of the finest in the world.

Not everyone knows that Vienna has one of the best nightlife in the world, specially the electronic music scene that is world renowned. The bars and clubs have high quality standard, with chic and cool designs, good food and drinks, live music or famous DJ's and a big variety of musical genres.

The people that frequent are just as stylish as the establishments, and the gay scene is blossoming. Brothels are legal in Vienna, as well as street prostitution, but there's no "red light district" like Amsterdam, it's all scattered, like the casinos, that are plentiful in the city.

But surely the best about Vienna is the food, with a fine cuisine as everything over there. the dishes are varied and rich of food you probably never heard of, still good and tasty. The sweets won't disappoint and cafe is part of the daily life in the city. Once in Vienna, you won't want to leave anymore!

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