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Marseille, pulsating port city

Strong identity, all year sunshine

San Valentines is knocking the door, and it seems like the whole world will be in Paris, apparently it has become a common dream for every girl, but where to go with your beloved ones or single friends, to escape the love birds crowded capital of France? Still France, but something better, with a climate blessed by the gods, Marseille is nestled between the sea and the hills. It is the oldest city in the France, founded 2600 years ago, the second largest city, crowded and beloved by those travelers looking for a beautiful and luxurious holidays. Marseille is unique, rich with intense cultural life and exceptional location that goes on with seasons and passions.

Marseille is for everyone who admires charm of 111 districts, perfect climate, some of the best views of the world and excellent gastronomy. The city is still known as the "Phocaean city",in memory of the ancient Greeks from Asia Minor who founded the city here, Marseille has a very strong identity, that can't be confused with another, a port city that changes throughout time and nowadays has grown into an important capital of the Mediterranean Basin open to the world.

You might think that Marseille's main raison is the tourism, but it's not, having the port, that hosts the biggest cruise ships from all over the world, a city with many resorts, as any other having wealthy and poor residents. Marseille's population is mix of Europeans, Comoreans and Africans, you might find it difficult to communicate with the locals, as they speak little English, but they are very welcoming and helpful. It's bubbling over with a lot of history , cutting-edge creative spaces and hip multicultural urbanites, definitely leave you indifferent. Romantic walks next to the seaside roads, cycling tracks, sandy beaches, Marseille has it all,cultural entertainment, not to mention the exquisite cuisine.

Do not forget that Marseille has more than 2600 years history going on, so the cuisine has been transformed and influenced by the Mediterranean basin. Melting pot of culinary styles, Marseille cuisine includes couscous, fish soups, some of the best pesto, polenta , pasta and of course the ubiquitous Bouillabaisse. that all will perfectly go together with the best wines...Marseille has 320 sunny days and never ending spirit that makes it one of the best in the world!

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