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Dublin, viking settlement

Mediaeval castles and cathedrals

Established as a viking settlement, there's no way Dublin could be less than awesomely cool. A capital with more than one third of the country's population, the city is cosmopolitan and bucolic at the same time, and it's not rare to bump with the same people around. By the way, dubliners are sociable, great hosts and charismatic people that will give a special touch to your trip.

It is a very beautiful city and its history is displayed everywhere, from mediaeval castles and cathedrals to magnificent georgian architecture. The museums are there to tell you the history of Ireland and its capital, together with the churches, graveyards and libraries.

The pubs are the must to do in Dublin, to enjoy the local beers and the company of dubliners. They are part of the daily life, and will be spreaded all over the city always full of people and fun. Ireland's beer is known worldwide, and in Dublin one can even find guide tours to storehouses of famous brands and visits to distilleries.

One of the most interesting things you could do in Dublin is celebrating St. Patrick's day, put your green costume, get your green beer, join the other thousands of people celebrating on streets, watch the famous street parade that happens on 17th March and end your day drinking at a historic pub in the centre of the city. Dublin is unique, and will be for sure one of the best destinations you'll ever go!

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