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Yerevan, the Pink city

Medieval charm and wooden architecture

The buzz is all about the Sochi Olympic Games, but where to go after that? Armenia will be a perfect getaway to totally relax from the crowds of sport fans, a place where the Caucasus keep inspiring visitors from all over the world for more than two centuries. Have you ever been to Georgia or to Armenia? Most of you would wonder if it has anything to do with Russia, don't worry, we do understand your confusion, both are relatively small countries, but each are fascinating destinations to discover, with rich culture and history, breathtaking landscape and hidden wonders, traditions and of course fantastic food and wine!

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia, also the cultural, political and economic heart of the nation, you will feel in there like on permanent might not know much about this country, so we will remind you that they were first to who started observing the Sun, Moon and Stars. In fact, the oldest Stonehenge is in Armenia, some scientists believe that the Carahunge was build 5 thousand years ago,some argue that it's 7500 years old, beating Carnac in France and British Stonehenge.

It's one of the most laid back capital in the Caucasus, with fashion shops, fast cars and fancy bars, where to stop and take a breath. 19th Century Russian edifices, handsome bolivars , great museums, that will keep you busy , but the best experience yet to come is the people living in Yerevan. For the size, Yerevan has too many things going on, it's too intense , including theatres, art galleries, clubs and concert halls. Yerevan is safe, central and very welcoming capital with some of the nicest people, with proud noses and expressive black eyebrows, doing their best to help out any lost tourist.

Yerevan is a true jewel of Soviet architecture, also home to Modern marvels, from the Soviet days, Yerevan has won the title of Pink City, which is the color of the stone, used to build the flamboyant spirit of her young population...the weather will take your breath away, you can enjoy four beautiful seasons, with cold winters, very hot and long summers, mild springs with green hills and wildflowers, and the best is Fall, perfect weather that offers the best fresh foods from Countries best farms.

Yerevan offers some of the finest restaurants with most particular and delicious meals you will ever taste, shrimp, steak and chicken dishes on the way, refined wine list and an interesting Italian, French and Middle Eastern careful ,the wine glasses in this city top ups unrequested...Give Yerevan a chance, it's totally worth a visit!

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