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Shanghai, On the Sea

Perfect blends of cultures, modern and traditional

Shanghai is the shoppers paradise, in few words Oriental Paris, serving the largest base of Chinese industrial technology, helding one of the most important seaports in China, all the biggest commercial and financial centers in country, Shanghai is in the hot spot of the world. This multicultural metropolis has been washed away and has stood up again, being renowned by all the world, with its perfect blends of cultures, both modern and traditional, Shanghai combines all, the old shikumen and the brand new skyscrapers, that draws a unique glamour in the city.

On the Sea, that's what Shanghai means, and it really is , Shanghai is washed by the East China Sea on the east and Hangzhou Bay on the south, located on the east China Coast, thanks to its great geographical location, the city is an excellent sea port, giving an amazing income to the country. Visiting the city for the first time, might be confusing to you, a fascinating mix of East and West, with historic houses built in styles of China with European design, in fact Shanghai has the richest collections of Art Deco buildings in the whole world, a mixture of great styles from classic Parisian to reminiscent of New York, you will be impressed and Shanghai's visit will be truly memorable.

From a village, Shanghai has grown into one of country's main industrial centers, it plays an important role in China's heavy industries, it products and storages oil, coal and water, mainly producing second energy, wind energy and solar power. As all China seeks job and career in Shanghai or simply are willing to live in a cool city, they have a saying going on, which is very true, Shanghai is heaven for the rich and hell for the poor.

Shopping is another plus that metropolis owns, a little Paris with various bustling commercial streets and shopping centers waiting for the shopaholics, the most visited and well known is the Nanjing Road, so if you have fashionable taste and style, this road will satisfy you. Cuisine is a very important details while visiting new city, as Shanghai is relatively new city in China, it doesn't really have its own specific cuisine yet, but practising culinary throughout years, Shanghai's finest chefs have created a certain style of cuisine that is particular in this area. Shanghai's dishes are mostly based on heavily flavored sauces, but there is a particular secret on its own, the use of sugar and soy sauce, the taste is rather savory than sweet.

Shanghai has taken the best from China, they are very cosmopolitan city, with dynamic and very alive movement, and people that work hard and play even harder!

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