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Porto, riverside wine caves

Ancient roots and lively commerce

They say about many cities, there is no other like...but this one is really unique one, for hopeless romantic ones to edgy destination seeking travellers..Porto, the second largest city in Portugal. It's a colorful dream come true with medieval relics, bell towers and baroque churches and never ending sparkle that makes Porto as its is, one of the most outstanding cities in the world. Porto is still one of the last undiscovered European metropolises, but it's changing so rapidly, that don't be surprised seeing Porto on the top destinations list every time soon. Atlantic to the west, rivers to the north, mountains to the east, the city is spectacularly placed to garner ingredients.

Port wine, that's what will entertain you while visiting this place, include a wine tasting tour to your visit in Porto, riverside wine caves jockey for attention in nearby Vila Nova de Gaia. Porto gave its name across the river Douro, facing the big lodges of port wine...Porto's residents have seen countless warm summer nights parties, with enormous rock, jazz and electronic artists. Porto might be the second after Lisbon, but it keeps up just fine, attracting more and more visitors from all over the world, not only with wine or monuments, with its wide and diverse culture life. It's in between the modern and ancient, being proud of its ancient roots and lively commerce, making it one of the best.

There are countless things to see and to enjoy in Porto , such as Cathedrals and ancient monuments, church of Santa Clara, and the densely populated quarter of Barredo, which will surprise you by its look that haven't changed since medieval times. Picturesque lifestyle and never ending optimism in local people faces, narrow streets and typical houses...But it's not only about the ancient and old, there are bunch of modern restaurants and clubs, that fulfill your memories of this place, the colourful market Bolhao, where you can buy anything, from old to modern, but if you look for something very new, near by are elegant shops with fine jewelleries and leather goods.

There wouldn't be a proper wine tasting without a exquisite food, excellent seafood, rare breed meats and delicious fruit and veg. Porto local restaurants serve both, the traditional cuisine and also its signature dishes, cuisine from north regions of the country, it will be a international cuisine trip all around the country. They eat all, bread , potatoes and rice together, it might feel heave, but after a while you will understand how deliciously its all prepared. They might be a bit slower compare to Lisbon's culinary, but now it's gaining pace rapidly, it takes just a eye blink, and a brand new restaurant is open, serving sensibly modest portions on beautifully arranged plates. It doesn't take long, until you fall in love with Porto...after all what's about it to not love?

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