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Hobbiton Woods in New Zealand

Mount Victoria in Wellington

A country where the Lord of The Rings was filmed, some of the most beautiful places of New Zealand, the most accessible filming location was Mount Victoria in Wellington. This area is forested of the mountain were used to depict Hobbiton Woods, the famous Harcourt Park that was transformed into the Gardens of Isengard.

It's a place where Wow will be the only expression you will be using, so prepare to have life time experience, also called the Big Easy, the public transport comes in time, and the roads are in perfect condition, hotels and hostels available everywhere you travel in this country. The food is exquisite, weights are unbelievable, this place is perfect to relax and enjoy the beauty.

New Zealand has it all, forests, lakes, beaches and mountains, contenting all of your needs for perfect vacation, fiords have made this country one of the best hiking destinations on planet. A nation that is passionate about All Blacks, which is NZ's national team of rugby, that became a world beaters with their awesome Maori players...Maori is a whole new world, with their cultural performance and language, Maori impresses itself on contemporary Kiwi life. You would recognize them with their traditional Moko, Maori tattooing which is often applied to the face.

Wellington might be a small city, but it has a huge reputation, mostly famous for being New Zealand's capital, widely known for its insupportable winds, that will give you many awkward moment with wrecking umbrellas and obliterating hairdos :)It's amazing city, where everything stands in its place, also nominated as the coolest little capital in the world, built on the edge of a deep harbour and steep surrounding hills, and also a wide variety of cultural entertainment, from Symphony Orchestra to the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

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