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Split personality, Brussels

Chocolate, official symbol of love in Belgium

Split personality, Brussels diagnostic, it's strange and classic, adventurous and boring, sweet and bitter, it's French and Belgian. Nowadays it has become one of the most visited city in Europe, also called the European Village, that includes more than 90 museums and amazing parks. Belgian obsession with comic strips, beer and delicious chocolate is recognized on every step you take in the capital. Belgium is so much cheaper than London or Paris, but you will get the same feeling if not even better, no matter how you travel, by yourself, with your family, friends or other half, it will be simply amazing and unforgettable holiday experience.

Brussels started to grow after being voted as Cultural capital of Europe in 2000, when the world started to see the real charm in this extraordinary city, that is nothing like others in the world, unique and simply special. Great restaurants, fine food and excellent chocolate, since 2000 Brussels has earn its new spirit , charm and new breathe. It's one of Europe's must see destinations, with its trendy bars and restaurants and great nightlife, great shopping and numerous museums that won't leave you indifferent.

Brussels is mostly favorite between art seekers, also known as a mecca style, art and design, every year more and more artists are willing to open their exhibitions in here, also the home grown Belgian designers are rapidly gaining global notoriety. This beautiful city is a center of everything, for art, food, beer, fashion and the finest Belgian culture.

And here it comes, for all the foodies, Belgian Chocolate museum, chocolate in this country has become an official symbol of love, producing more than 172.000 tons of chocolate, distributing that into 2000 chocolate shops in the country. Their chocolate has become a lure for all worlds lovers, back than when kings were ruling until will be surprised how many chocolate shops you will find on each corner of the capital, and keep in your mind that you haven't truly lived, until you have tasted the Belgian chocolate.

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