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Jungles, deserts and fiestas

Cancun, little paradise in Mexico

It's all about jungles, deserts and fiestas, you will be surprised how much diversity Mexico can offer, it's a Must destination, where everyone should be going. It's a country that handles anything and everything , the question is, can you keep up?

Jungles, where you can play and record your own Mowgli story, volcanoes, which will will show you how actually small we are against the nature, the deserts proving our need for water, how fortunate we are, and of course paradise is needed, splendid beaches with wildlife rich lagoons, Mexico is about not forgettable adventure and life time experience, every single one should taste.

These people know how to celebrate life, how to work hard and when to get rest from all of it...the most of them spend their life in the open air, it's mostly hot, so lying on the beach would be the solution, watching dolphins and whale jumping in the water. Mexico is packed with history and culture, its old generation have left some of the world's greatest archaeological monuments, from three shaded plazzas to Spanish colonial era's temples and pyramids. Mexico has everything in it, each city symbolizes something, therefor is up to each of you to find your favorite one.

Cancun is a place where everything happens, the paradise corner of Mexico, famous destination for Americans, but if you think it will be enough and that's all there is about ,lying on the white sand beach sipping Margaritas, you are wrong. Cancun is the main gateway to the Caribbean, unabashed and unapologetic, attracting with its high-gloss charm. It's a party city just like Ibiza, Las Vegas or Dubai, you will meet every kind of travelers there, swashbuckling pirates and beer lover Americans, old couples sipping Margaritas and new architects studying well this land. Cancun can take it all, also favorite destination for sports enthusiasts, scuba divers, sport fishing and diverse jungle tours or tennis.

It used to be a fishing town, tiny and unknown, nowadays growth into one of Latin America's top destinations, being unique and fabulous. This tropical paradise promises a lot, but it becomes even more once you see it, great weather, coolest activities, great accommodation, scenery, and pumping nightlife, Cancun is the only place you want to be!

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