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Nepal, you will never get enough

Between Indian jungles and high wall of Himalaya

Nepal is one of Asia's top destinations, being landlocked, very multiethnic and multilingual, religious country. Nepal lies north of India in the Himalayas, it was first inhabited about 50 million years ago when Indian subcontinent crashed in Asia. The country has China and India that friendly wraps it, it's home to the world wide famous Mount Everest, sharing borders with Tibet. Nepal truly owns its charm and uniqueness, wedged between Indian jungles and high wall of Himalaya, a land of snow peaks and strong beliefs in monasteries and mantras...

It wasn't long until tourists started to flow into this magic land, after opening its borders to the outsiders, 60 years ago, tiny mountain nation, trekkers, hikers and legions, curious and extreme ones, incredibly friendly people and irresistible warm apple pie...not only the adrenaline seekers head to Nepal, also Buddhist pilgrims finding their ways on a spiritual stroll, centuries old temples will leave you speechless. It's not a secret that Nepal is home to some of the bets will and woody national parks with excotic birds, Indian elephants and scarry jungle with tigers.

Whether you might travel in this country, anyhow, by car, bike or tourist bus , Nepal promises astonishingly diverse array of attractions and landscapes, so open your heart and eyes. There are only few countries in the world, that gives you impression that you are in backpacker Disneyland, it's a place in which you will keep returning, it will never be enough time to discover it completely. You might get a panic attack, wondering how to fit everything in, between mountains trails of beautiful Himalayan, temple towns and Middle hills, and the peace that covers it.

Namaste, that would a common welcome from the locals, meaning I salute the divine in you, this nations is made of 69 different culture and linguistic group, or in few words, ethnic groups living in different regions of the country, each of the groups have their own special costumes and traditions, but they are all one, unite and very kind to every traveller crossing their beautiful country.

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