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Impassioned about coffee, gossip and politics

First Olympic games in honor of Zeus

It might be hard to describe Greeks with few words, they have a lot and put a lot of passion into everything they do and own...they adore coffee, art, politics and a lot of gossip. A country that has the strongest believes in religion and how would they not have the best and most beautiful temples of ancient Greece. They also invented athletic contests and held them often in honor of their many gods, the Isthmos game in Corinth , the Pythian game in Delphi, but the most impressive games were held in Olympia, taking place every four years.

The very first Olympic games started around the 700 BAC, of course in honor of Zeus. Olympia is a place where you can enjoy many statues of Zeus, which was one of the ancient wonders, the statue is made of gold and ivory by Greek sculptor Phidias. Allowed to participate these games were only Greek nationals, and no women were allowed to get in even just to see the game.

Greece is stunning with its great weather, blue waters and white houses with sky blue windows and doors, it seems like time machine was broken and everything stays in here as it was back then. Greece is one of the world's most popular destinations, with both , ancient and modern monuments and million things to do and to see. Most of the monuments date back in the ancient and Byzantine eras and archaeological sites and cities, each of them all are historical monuments that have heavily inspired modern education and culture all around the world.

Throw yourself in endless miles of aquamarine coastline, ruins that are bleached by sun and great entertainment for those ones looking for fun in nightclubs in Mykonos, in Delphi you can enjoy the grandeur or earthiness of Metsovo. You see, the difference between Greece and other historical countries is that it perfectly balances its past, present and future, none of them are disturbed by each other.

On the 6th of January all the country is prepared for the Epiphany, when the seawater is consecrated in the area of Piraeus. That could be some new traditions to learn from Greeks, they are throwing the Cross into the sea and young men are diving to catch it. As Greek life was mostly dominated by religion, most of their traditions are connected to the church and their believes.

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