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Pyramids, sand covered tombs and temples

Cairo, most traveller friendly in Middle East

ere is no other country that would say so often Welcome, and would actually mean it, Egyptians still have their charm, as they had back in time, as their ancient civilisation still awes, today's one is doing pretty great as well. Pyramids, sand covered tombs, many things to tease us on going to this paradise, rides on donkeys, a different world to yet discover. Cairo is the capital, the pearl of Egypt, where once Egypt was ruled from, Cairo's Empire.

They say that each country's vote depends of the population, in fact, Egypt is considered as the most traveller friendly one in the Middle East, more less everyone speaks English, and they will be likely there to help you with anything, being one of the world's most generous people. However Cairo will hit you with its wall of noise and blanket of smog, but you will soon acclimatise to Cairo's traffic and start to take it as a charm of the capital, it's home to 20 million people, being pulosating metropolis, open for everything and anyone, still keeping its identity.

Keep in your mind that Egypt is one of the worlds oldest civilizations, ancient monuments,Nile Cruises through some of the most beautiful places, Red Sea coast and Africa's largest city, Cairo. The pyramids will leave your breathless, it's one of the greatest architectural masterpieces,that still stands there, built by man's hands. But the reason most of people would chose Egypt as their travel destination, is the Great Pyramid, the last surviving member of the Seven Wonders of the World.

For foodies there will be another reason to visit Egypt, for their great cuisine, it doesn't really matter what they are celebrating, food will be there, and the best. Spiced beef,minced lamb, different pastes, tomato soup, pickled cucumbers and sweets, the butter cookies are so popular during the Christmas season, bite size cookies that quickly melt in your mouth and leave you desiring for more. Back in Ancient times, the Egyptians left a clear evidence of their passion for food, wall paintings on tombs and temples with drawings of large feasts and a variety of foods.

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