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Riyadh, more than dusty desert

Soaring, sparkling and simply stunning skyscrapers

You have probably never heard of city called Riyadh, which is much more than just a dusty, desert, it has become one of the fastest growing cites in the world. The population in this city has tripled since 1970, and it's not only the capital of the country, it's a financial and administrative centre with the highest power and influence in the coast. Located in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula on a large plateau, the largest city in Saudi Arabia's kingdom. In fact it's considered as the most straight-laced from all the three cities of Kingdom.

Riyadh has many Western influences, modern technologies and very international inhabitants, even if there is still a dress-code , which is thob for men and abaya for women, stepping in each country , your basic task is to respect people there, it's a family friendly country with their traditions and very strong religion. This is an unknown country for many travellers, so we suggest to be prepared before you go there, there are some incredible places to chill out or to simply enjoy a great meal. Here you will experience a healthy food such as chicken , which in here is very meaty and fatty. The locals cook and eat very healthy food, it will be guaranteed fresh and very tasty dishes.

Islamic dietary has its own rules, that forbid eating pork and drinking alcohol, according to them, before eating any kind of animal it has to be butchered in a particular way and blessed before you can eat it. They have a whole lot of traditions, starting with, how to serve guests, first of all, with a hot coffee that is a symbol of generosity and hospitality, even during the Ramadan period.

No wonder, Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia, modern constructions , soaring, sparkling and simply stunning skyscrapers every day rise above the deserts and camels, it’s probably one of the few arabic cities that are strong and religious in traditions and daily life, being great believers, where the religious police hurry the citizens to pray. Don't deny the city just because you have never heard about it, Riyadh is a very modern and historic architectural marvel, that offer tourists see more than just a classic monuments, there is a Riyadh TV Tower, Al Faisaliyah Center, Kingdom Center, and Al Rajhi Tower and many more worth to see. This conservative and very sober city promises handsome hotels, great dining places overviewing the city, museums and cultural events, a city where camel ride and cricket match will make you happy or simply enjoy the mix of old and new in beautiful Riyadh.

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