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Riga, pearl of the Baltic States

Unique lavish beauty and timeless elegance

While visiting all the most famous places in the world, some of them might be just a publicity boom, commercial trap or rich place, where everyone goes, you might get lost by choosing the country to visit, there are bunch of places that are hundred time better than the top destinations, but somehow they aren't that well represented.

Let's be honest, people today are looking for a clean and wealthy place to visit, to for a while enjoy the difference that seems so charming. Latvia is one of them, a country that has survived wars and has just gained its independence in 1991, it's still redefining itself as a country, and nowhere you will feel it as much as in Riga, the capital.

Riga is the big Boy from all three Baltic States, since it joined the European Union, it has become a spot for travelers and also for the foreign investment. Very modern hotels have been built, direct flights from all around the world, port has become more active, it's a heart of Europe,easy to reach, and before it was even cheap , not anymore though.

Riga is even known as Paris of East, it's funky and youthful, very modernized, but still keeps its pride and history, a capital that perfectly matches the old and new. It has always had a big-city atmosphere hard to find elsewhere in the region, its magnetism keeps traveller to come back again and again.

Riga is set on a flat plain divided only by Daugava River, Riga has an impressive Art-Nouveau architecture of its own, old town filled with countless monuments, most of them representing their liberty and sad past. For example Ratslaukums is right in the middle of old Riga, next to the River, House of blackheads stands there still, originally called the New House, was built in 1334.

It was reconstructed for several times, the house was decorated with lion figures above its entrance. Nowadays the house of the blackheads is almost the tourist main spot. However the house was never forgotten, it started as a meeting and celebration place in Riga for different social organizations, one of its main patrons was St Maurice, a roman commander who died and whose head thus became a sign of recognition and a symbol of the Blackheads.

However, Riga manages to keep both, greatest entertainment, with cozy, glitzy cafes that you won't want to leave, amazing nightlife and new open people, for those ones who are searching for art and history, well, you won't believe how much there is to see. With lavish beauty, timeless elegance and a restless fusion of old and new, Rīga has a charm as potent as the Rīga Black Balsams liquor it's known for.

Riga has a unique lavish beauty and timeless elegance, Riga has a charm as potent as the Rīga Black Balsams liquor it's known for, yes, you were wrong, we are not Vodka drinkers, we have something stronger to warm us up during dark, cold eves, something that's also healthy, made of composition of 24 different plants, flowers, buds, juices, roots, oils and berries prepared in oak barrels. Black Balsam is black and very bitter, but with a distinct sweetness, sold in ceramic handmade flagons, and it has received more than 30 awards at international fairs. In winter is famous to drink hot Black balsam with blackcurrant juice...heaven.

A pearl of the Baltic states has hospitable and cheerful, friendly and open people, might be a bit reserved, this characteristic comes from the war, when they used to be oppressed. Give it a try, where else you will find 500 km long sandy beaches, 45percent of the territory covered by natural forests, head to the beautiful country side, where nobody will disturb you, or stay in the modern and unique Riga, a city that stands out.

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