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Thunder Bay International Hostel

Thunder Bay Ontario Canada

While in Canada, make sure to take your time to stay at Thunder Bay International Hostel in the outskirts of Thunder Bay in Northwestern Ontario!
You won't regret exploring the banks of the MacKenzie River or swim under the MacKenzie Falls or cliff-dive off Silver Harbour in the heart of the Canadian Shield.

There are paths through the pine spruce and poplar forest across from the hostel for hikes to the lake or river. You can go amethyst hunting near the newly renovated 11-17 Highway, or travel into nearby Thunder Bay to visit Mount Mackay, Marina Park, or Fort William Historical Park.

Thunder Bay International Hostel is on approximately 8 acres of wooded property faciling Lakeshore Drive. Besides an area for tenting and campfires there is a main building which has rooms and a kitchen. An adjacent building contains internet, long distance telephones, common room and three bedrooms.

Guests at the hostel often have guitars and enjoy the crackling sound and heat from a large bonfire. Lloyd the friendly host of the hostel is happy to give people tours of the local 'dump' in hopes of seeing bears (or happening upon discarded 'treasures' with which to make interesting art).

The price is right at $25/night and the place is a real paradise. A shared kitchen is available as is a nice hot shower, a showcase of movies to choose from, and of course WIFI in the office space.

Call 807-983-2042 to book your nights, summer or winter, or email"

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