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Istanbul Design week

Powerhouse of treasures

Have you ever been to Istanbul, the powerhouse of treasures, and it's not just the sum of few important monuments that makes up all Istanbuls fame, it's locals who have brought all this with their love and passion for their capital, having great love for life and generosity of spirit. Istanbul is full of people working very hard, but also not forgetting the balance in life, so they also party hard, even if it has become so modern, that sometimes you won't even notice that it's islamic country, but at the same time, somehow they manage to meld traditions. some of their favorite hunts are kebab restaurants, with delicious real kebabs, tea gardens for lovely chats with your friends and Turkish Taverns ...

Istanbul is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world, worth visiting. Food culture in here has been taken seriously, the restaurants and food in here is the best in the country, so once you are in here, do not forget to taste one of the best meals of your life, coming step forward to getting know turkish traditions. Exquisite kebabs, mezes freshly caught fish that are the city's traditional dishes, accompanied with glass of wine or beer.

Istanbul is also one of the top ones in the world with their wide choice of festivals and events, the events are a mixture of many country's influence, as Turkey's borders touch 8 countries, it's in between Mediterranean and Black Seas, no wonder it's overbooked with going on's. It's a very city, with traditions that date back in time, but there are also brand news festivals, balancing just fine with the old ones. Autumn is not exception, from the 27th November until the first of December, Istanbul helds design week, with an abundance of exhibitions, workshops and conferences. It will be at Kucuk Ciflik Park, establishing International design, with more than 25 countries participating, it's all about to let in some of internationals designers, giving Istanbul the chance to portray its designs to the international design world, allowing refreshing viewpoint on new designs.

They say, those who can manage to change, will survive, and Turkey does change, in fact Istanbul is developing, creating a new urban identity for itself. You will meet the world's famouse designer sharing their experiences and taking new ideas from each other. Come to Istanbul to see one of the most important events, Istanbul Design Week, but don't forget to watch the sunset over the world's most beautiful skyline, and, yes, don't forget to love it...

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