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Buenos Aires Marathon

City with tons of elegance and charm

Travelling to Buenos Aires, be prepared for one thing, it's unlike any other city in the world, with a bit of danger passing through slick neighborhoods and equally downtrodden ones, a bit of great shopping with so much diverse stuff, a bit of frenzied nightlife, a bit or a little more of delicious cuisine and yes, a lot, tons of elegance and charm. At the beginning, you might be confused, seeing how well the busy metropolis mixes up new, modern capital image and colonial architecture and old -world cafes.

Do not give up in a front of first unkempt streets full of spewing buses and bustling fervor, once you let the city guide you, you will understand, it's about a part of city's charm, cutting-edge designer boutiques, ritzy neighborhoods, huge parks...look for the beautiful and unique city, that will teach to move with the music, or you will simply start to sweep your leg dancing the sultry tango..or you will become passionate football fan, there are so many things to love about Buenos Aires, that many people have stayed there forever, calling it their home, you could be one of them

There are bunch of great events held in Buenos Aires every month, so if you looking forward to know their culture better, it's important to be a part of it. This year it will the 4th edition of Marathon in Buenos Aires, so go sleep early the night before, cos these people won't wait for you, at 7.30AM!!! These athletes will go for 42 km throughout the amazing city, being able to enjoy the best spots known over the world, such as the Obelisk, Plaza de Mayo, La Boca, the legendary River Plate soccer stadium, and so much more, it's a perfect sightseeing race!

Back in 2005 edition of Buenos Aires Marathon, it had almost 3000 participants from Argentina and all over the world, with every year the number was growing, with more foreigner taking a part, from Chile, Ecuador, Peru, America and even European countries, in 2009 edition there were more than 12.000 athletes in field. It's not about winning, or which place each of us would take, it's about the spirit of all athletes in the world, meeting in this magical city, where you will have a chance to really get to know this beautiful city, it will definitely take your breath away literally and emotionally.

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