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Powerhouse with bohemian chic fashion

Venice Festa della Salute

You might think, that Venetians have a marvelous life, living in one of the most romantic city in the world, where voluptuous Venetian-red paintings, wines and music is lifestyle, but it's not that easy for them, Venice is an sheer nerve, where acqua alta(high tide) is also a part of their lifestyle, being on risk to get a water on their doorstep, every time that there are floods...but they won't give up with what is theirs, the city has become a real powerhouse with its bohemian chic fashion, and believe it or not, they are not done yet.

As it's north, they don't really have classic south a little bit lazy attitude, even of the city could relax for a while and rest on its laurels, they refuse to do such a thing, they are hard workers, anywhere you walk through, the artistic masterpieces on the way in narrow streets, calli, you will hear a pleasant noise of work, artisans hammering out shoes, musicians lugging 18th-century cellos, chefs preparing traditional dishes, every one is in their move, to make it better, to go ahead. They say that romantics back in 19th century got it all wrong, it's not made for genteel decay, the most ancient palazzi are full of bilolioner presents, filled up with great art and architecture, they moving on their next act already, while the rest of the country enjoys their wealthiness in a peace, there is no time for those guys to relax.

Venice doesn't take a break during fall, it's a busy time, the very well known and celebrated Festa della Salute is on the way, and by the way, people celebrate it with respect and traditions, cos it's a reminder of a plague that decimated Venice's population. It was back in 1630, when one third of Venice's citizens died from a plague that lasted one year. At its conclusion, the survivors built the church of the Madonna della Salute in the Dorsoduro sestiere, which is where the feast day is commemorated by celebrants giving thanks at the church's altar.

Every year on the 21st of November masses takes place in this church, a temporary votive bridge is set up across the Grand Canal, so that celebrants can cross the water from Giglio to a lane near the Salute. All the way from the bridge to the church the traffic is paralyzed, fur wrapped local people walk through the lanes of Venice towards the bridge and the church, shepherded at times by "traffic" police, it's a very important event for the local people.

The churches are ringing bells and very pleasant noise of whispers are all in air, additional boats are put on for this stretch of the Grand Canalit's, that kind of event that will guide you throughout the Venetian culture. It will be fun also for the kids, after masses there will be stalls of food all over the center of Venice, selling doughnuts, toffee apples, candy floss and all sorts of caramelised fruit on sticks. It's very touching to see all those people actually caring a lot, greeting acquaintances and heading to the Salute to pay their respects as they've done every year of their lives.

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