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Lisbon, Portugal

They say, when you are away from home, you need to find a place to call home, Home hostel in Lisbon, is a place to be…surrounded in a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. They are perfectly located in Lisbon's Old Town and next to all major transport networks, and if you are backpacker, you know what it means, don´t have to waste your time and money to move around - the major Historical and Party areas of Lisbon are all within walking distance from Home.

When you travel to Portugal, one thing is must, party, and there are plenty of Party areas in Lisbon, within walking distance from Home. But if you want to catch up with hostel people, you can stay at Home, having fun at home’s bar. Home hostel is located n the Baixa district, Lisbon's most central and historic, the hostel is easily accessible from the airport and all transport networks.

Home offers free Breakfast, free Laundry, free walking tours, and last but not least, free laundry until May, free wifi games, internet and movies, and so much more. Enjoy our famous homemade dinners or if you are lonely traveller, mama's dinner will help, if you are lucky , you could experience home cooked meals made by the owner’s mother, Mamma, Great showers, air conditioning in every room or hairdryers in the ladies dorms, you will be touched by the spirit in this hostel, the communal experience based on people and social interaction because "Home is wherever I´m with you...". Watch a movie in a common room, read a book from the common library or your next destination’s magazine, or chill in with hostel people in there, it’s a feeling you are in a big family.

Free city tours around beautiful Lisbon, no curfew, no lock out, 24 hours reception, to not make you feel that much as you are home. Home provides beautiful and charming 4, 6 and 8 bed dorms, including 6 bed female dorms, with big lockers, a big mirror, power outlets and reading lights. So if you are looking for a place , where you would feel a lot like home, or you have been traveled for past few months , missing home, Home will be the place.

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