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Bulgaria, laid back in time

Salon de Vin

Located next to the Black Sea, Bulgaria has it all, wooden mountain ranges and laid back in time villages that mixes and spices the country up with vibrant modern cities and very long sandy beaches. Bulgaria is perfect for family vacations, full of foreigners willing to top up their tans and enjoying a very different summer holiday, some of the beaches are equal of some of the most popular Mediterranean destinations, there is nowhere better to go than Bulgaria, having not only great coastline, but also amazing cities to visit, this way seeing a lot more than just water and sand. Some like Burgas, Varna for some one looking for fascinating history and wooden houses, or the stunning capital Sofia to get to some great events or festivals, countless churches, monasteries and timeless icons everywhere you go.

Even if Bulgaria doesn't have that much money to spend on arts, it still hosts a lot of concerts, events and exhibitions, even if the country was fostered by years of Communist governments, it shines bright, doing its best, boasting world class opera singers and different musicians,they have thousands of traditions, the rituals they do in each of the festivals, celebrating the national and religious feasts or historic events. Apart the cultural stuff, Bulgaria is famous for their great cuisine and wine, beer...and every year it hosts the great Salon De Vin, for three days, starting on 6th of November. So , all the wine and beer lovers, we suggest you to head to Sofia during this period, which won't last forever, but will be definitely memorable. Salon De Vin is only truly international wine, beer & spirits exhibition. It attracts a larger trade audience than any other event of its type.

Salon De Vin will include Table wines, Quality wines, Frothy and sparkling wines, Reserve wines, Special wines liqueurs, aromatized wines, Brandies grape brandy and fruit brandy, Wine brandy, Brandy, Liqueurs, Other spirits whisky, vodka, gin, rum, Accessories for wine and other drinks, Packages and labels.Whether you are living or visiting Bulgaria , you are very lucky person, their beer is known as luxurie, and low cost. If there are drinks, there will be also food, and Bulgarian cuisine is well respected for good cheese, bread and spicy dishes, plentiful of fish and lamb, so great snacks will be approved at the Salon de Vin. The best cheese, salami and bread, cold soups and great meat dishes will fulfill you, you won't even feel the cold that might be at november!

Bulgaria is simply wonderful land, where once countless civilizations have risen, fallen and passed through this land, leaving the marks everywhere, still visible on every corner, bathhouses and daily life, no matter what they have been through, people are proud to be Bulgarians, religious and strong believers.

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