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Cook Islands, dream come true

Biggest jewel, Rarotonga

Have you ever fantasized to escape to a lonely desert island far away from the modern world's mess and chaos? Cook Islands will heal you, it's a dream come true, the overview will be nothing else but 15 fascinating little islands, with sky blue waters and some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the South Pacific. The climate is perfect all year round, with some tropical showers, which are also a life time experience, just like in movie, what's summer for Europeans, for islanders this is the coolest period of the year, about 22 degrees, the rest of the time the temperature is high and pleasant. The biggest jewel of all is Rarotonga, which is also the biggest island, which offers all kind of goods, mountains, dense jungle and glorious bone white beaches, but you can not be stock in this island only, get out and discover other pearls of Cook Islands, you might find your very own favorite one.

The secret of exploring Cook Islands is to not plan anything, go with a flow, a day by day, one day you might find yourself swimming and diving , the other day sipping cocktail next to the splendid beach in some of the local bars, and the very next your plane will wait for you to take you away from this piece of paradise, where time is flying and there is no need for watches, phones, computers or calendars, make the most of it while you can! The most visited spot in the capital Rarotonga is a hook-shaped atoll of Aitutaki, that sits right on the top of one of the world's largest coral lagoons, packed with giant clams and technicolour tropical fish, all this area is full of smaller uninhabited islets, you can play the role of Robinson Crusoe in here. Everything on these islands epitomize the beauty of the Cook Islands, and for that matter, all of Polynesia.

I have no clue, whether it's sun, sea or the beauty that surrounds the Cook Islands, but one is clear to me, there are some of the happiest people on earth, maybe that what happens, when you are born of the sea, maybe it's a natural charm of them, friendly, welcoming and very high spirited, you will forget that other world even exists, they are one of the best entertainers in the world, regarded as the best dancers and drummers in Polynesia. For islanders only one calendar exists, that one with the events and festivals, their national pride is to show that their performances are the most outstanding and the best. A specific and even genuine care for others and love for their family is one of the islander characteristics. The Cook Islanders just like any true blooded Maori enjoy a bright and splendor ceremonies with costumes and entertainment, by the way, many have held wedding here, it's one of the most romantic places on planet, a perfect place for honeymoon and marriage.

Everywhere you go, coconuts will be laying on the ground, try them, all kind of heavenly fruits are available all year round in Cook Islands, bananas, mango, musk melons and other tropical fruits combined or on their own is excellent served with scraped coconut flesh. And the cuisine is excellent, mostly fish and vegetables, raw fish is must, also famous ika mata, which is a raw fish salad with coconut. It's a wide range of Polynesian and International cuisine, most of the places would serve the traditional food, showing off what they are good at, and truly know how to make the best of island's goods, such as banana leaves, used to wrap food to cook them, also the banana fruit is eaten. Cook Islanders have their very own alcoholic home brew made of oranges, sugar, malt and yeast, this sweet beverage is popular among men, they drink it at their local bush pub.

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