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Harvest festivals in Salzburg

Home of genius Mozart

Austria is one of the dream destinations for a perfect vacation, everyone knows it's like little Germany, but so much more warm and cozy, a country, where little genius Mozart was born, where classic music is a lifestyle and where cake and coffee were known for's storybook Austria, Salzburg. It's a dream town in every season, where mosaic domes stand still and mountains are just a part of the beautiful land, that will leave you breathless, baroque churches and monumental squares, Salzburg will be a perfect destination for those who are willing to venture further. Salzburg real face is a burgeoning arts scene, wonderful food, manicured parks and concert halls that uphold musical tradition 365 days a year, you will feel it all on every step in this city and country itself.

Hilly Alpine Foothills gives this country incredibly fresh air , filled with the fragrances of lake water, fruit trees, schnapps distilleries, and freshly mown summer grass, fresh air is also a reason that recalls apatite, and Austria is well known for it's great food festivals and centuries old recipes. The best beer, schnapps for those ones keen on drinking, and for the foodies and sweet tooths, for those ones appreciating good cheese and meat...October is time for the Harvest Festival in Salzburg, with hundreds of homemade products, prepared with love and joy, you will be able to taste samples of Austrian seems like in this country everything is prepared with love, they have this relaxed peace, which makes you want to stay more and enjoy break from stressful life. The Harvest festivals in Salzburg Land is very traditional, every good housewife would prepare traditional goods and show them off in local markets, jam, bread, fresh and potted cheeses, bacon and sausage, alpine herbs and even distilled spirits, one in particular is rowanberry schnapps, which has the aroma of marzipan and smoky accents...delicious.

Every year more and more Austrians are heading to Salzburg's Harvest festival, farmers, businessmen and countless bakery owners, to see what's new and to put there all their hard work, the atmosphere is amazing, walking under the golden autumn sun, tasting and buying homemade delicacies, watching the farmers drive their livestock down from the high mountain pastures,it feels like fairy tale celebrating the harvest, seeing traditional customs and crafts, tasting typical regional fare all this accompanied with traditional folk music. Almost at the same time starts also the Rustic wine cellar festivals , you can book beautiful and unforgettable meals at the finest restaurants of the city, with luxurious seven course menus for convenient price, the great Fall Wine Festival season in Austria starts at the end of the August, until late of November, falling together with countless wine and culinary events, from elegant to casual, all established on the stunning and marvellous landscape, celebrate in harvest style.

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