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Most relaxed capital in the world

Sandalwood City, Vientiane

A country that has been isolated from the rest of the world for almost two decades, it has finally reached the freedom, which is a whole new thing for them, Laos, the least developed and most enigmatic of the three former French Indochinese states, back in 1970 the country was brought on the knees, that's a time, when almost ten percent of population left. The country was about to collapse, and finally they came out and started to enjoy the peace, stabilising its political and economic structures and admitting foreign tourists from all over the world.

Laos is fast growing country among travellers, thank god finally discovered and started to bounce back, being one of the most paradisal places in Asia, people in here are very kind and chilled out, even if a sad side is that for now it has lost its traditions and identity elsewhere in region, there is still confusion in Laos, but they will survive it as they did before. A picturesque places will take breath away, wilderness in nature that travellers are looking for, adventure, or both, rock climbing, biking or simply enjoy the beautiful view.

Let's get to the food, Laos food is different from the other Asian cuisines, even if some of the thing might be similar, they eat a lot of vegetables, rice, chicken and herbs, the food is prepared from scratch, nothing is pre-prepared, they live and eat healthy, that make their food special and different, Galangal and lemongrass are all the time favorites, and Padaek you will find on each table, it's a LAo fish sauce. Laap is very particular and traditional, even served in weddings, which is made from chopped meat or fish that is mixed with lime juice, fish sauce, mint, coriander, spring onion, chili and uncooked rice grains that have been dry fried and crushed, often accompanied by veg or rice. Fruit shakes, coconut and lime juices are daily beverages , which are healthy and delicious, fried and greasy food is not common in Laos.

The capital is Vientiane, which seems like a quiet village, nobody would never tell its a capital, relaxed, safe and clean, as in every country there is the historic royal city Luang Prabang, where you will find your peace, watching hundreds of saffron-robed monks move silently among centuries-old monasteries, you will feel as throwed back in time, missing old dresses and "black and white" moments, it's a romantic scene as you'll experience anywhere in Asia. Buddhism is still a strong believe, permeating every facet of life, for any changes the country needs time, it comes slowly, it's a perfect destination to get away from offices, pressure and overbooked agendas, Laos will give you very needed peace and serenity. Learn to open your mind and heard, join the monks, watch them, be with them, and the peace will find you, let the spirit of Laos guide you, with unconditional faith and hospitality.

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