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Diving paradise with 300 days of sunshine

Malta, history of remarkable intensity

Tired of rain in autumn and cold weather, missing summer and willing to relax and breath summer just a little bit longer, trying to escape the classic tours and guides? Maltese islands will be what you are looking for. Maltese islands consist of 3 little islands - Malta,being the biggest, Gozo and Comino, located in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily, being EU member since 2004.

Diving paradise with 300 days of sunshine year round, crystal clear waters and more than seven thousand years of history, overwhelming people, vibrant nightlife and beautiful traditions, which Maltesi have learned to keep,avoiding changes of generation, multicultural people and travellers...great prehistoric temples,the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum with 5000 year old underground necropolis carved perfectly from the living rock, cliffs, hidden coves and thrilling diving opportunities, a place where is no need for trying to make your vacation splendid, it definitely will be!

Malta's capital is Valletta, where the little streets are narrow and filled with history, world wide famous for the St. John's Co-Cathedral and the perfect medieval citadel of Mdina, that will guarantee you a romantic and surreal evening through the lamp-lit hidden laneways. Maltese islands are spread over only 316 square kilometers, but with many attractions all over, very comfortable would be to get a car and a map, that's all you need, there is no way you would get lost, and even if you do, you will definitely discover the most wonderful places...Malta haven't lost a bit of its charm, all the islands have an embattled feel, with their amazing walled cities, hills and amazing fortresses.

You will be surprised, while visiting Gozo, that time has stopped in here, still horses are seen on country lanes, the villages combines Italianate architecture and English red post boxes, blue police lamps and Renzo Piano designed getaway, a place from 17 century, with the sparkle of 21st, a place that manages to keep a sense of timelessness.

People here are warm and very friendly, some of them might be reserved, but Malta is kind of place, where if you ask for directions, you will get them , maybe even guided there. Their language might sound similar to Arabic, but in reality there are many French , Italian and English words mixed up, the country itself is strictly Roman Catholic, with many churches all over the islands. Also the traditional food is a mixture of many cultures, even if the local ingredients are rabbit and honey, seafood brought from the fishing boats ,painted with eyes.

Maltese cuisine is a result of their great and long relationship between the locals and many other civilizations which once occupied the Islands, their taste is excellent and very "Mediterranean", even in restaurants they serve their own version of specialities.

Their very traditional food depends of the season, for example Lampuki pie, fish pie, Rabbit Stew, sheep and goat cheese, soups and other delicious things. One of the must try is a round of bread dipped in olive oil, rubbed with ripe tomatoes and filled with a mix of tuna, onion, garlic, tomatoes and capers, if you have a sweet tooth, try Kannoli, which by the way is also traditional sweet in Sicily, a tube of crispy, fried pastry filled with ricotta or sweet sugary mixture of crushed and whole almonds. One thing I guarantee for sure, you won't stay slim in this island's vacation!

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