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Managua, city of peace

Wind over water, fire from the earth

A country in Central America, in between Costa Rica and Honduras, being the largest republic in central America, a queen of volcanoes, lakes, mountains and rivers, Nicaragua a paradise of sand and sun, where two seasons meet , sunny or rainy, the best time to visit is from November to April. Called a land of volcanoes and lakes, the nation has a strong passion for poetry, they say "wind over water, fire from the earth" words that symbolize the country, unless you want to hear a lot of poetry,do not let them started it! :) People in here are amazingly friendly and easygoing, overwhelming and helpful, considered as very calm shells, one of the earliest human encampments in the America, about 8000 years old.

Country's capital is Managua, which is also the nerve of the country, usually not being appreciated enough, visited in too short periods, visitors miss so much of it, it's absolutely necessary, called "Daughter of Wars" and "City of Peace", being beloved by 1.4 million inhabitants, having a volcanic skyline and great chars, which have inspired greatest books and poems, are you sure, you don't want to get know this central American country, passing it by just to head to Costa Rica or Honduras?

You better get in here, and get to know it poco a poco, which means little by little, stunning and breathtaking views from famous silhouette Sandino, Loma de Tiscapa, panoramas from the great lake to monumental Volcan Momotombo, you can literally feel the heartbeats of the city, how alive and pulsant it actually is, with cozy coffee shops, excellent restaurants and great nightlife, Managua will leave a sign in your heart, that kind of that makes you come back.

It's definitely a country of traditions, a nation that loves to dance, sing, act and write poetry...their brightest masterpiece is El Gueguense, comedy ballet that was created on the streets of Diriamba, back in the 17th century, it was created by unnamed genius that invented this entertainment in a creative way to reject years of oppression. They have always known, how to get through the difficulties with a smile, appreciating every single thing they have, there are many legends about this fascinating country, explaining and comprehending a great part of the Nicaraguan culture.

Cuisine in Nicaragua? Delicious and inexpensive! Their traditions of good food dates back in per-Columbian times, it ,surprisingly even with all the other cultural influences, haven't been changed that much, traditional beans, plantains, peppers and yucca are the basic for most of the dishes, including seafood and meat. Breakfast is one of the main meal, to have an energy to physically work, they start the morning with eggs, cheese, gallo pinto, which is rice and beans,served with bread or corn tortillas, accompanied with coffee and fresh orange juice. They also have their own beverage, El Macua, which consist of light rum, guava juice and sugar, by the way, it has been voted as the official Nicaragua beverage. Cheers!

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