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Andalusia, unearthly paradise

Orange blossom and sounds of flamenco

If you have ever been to Andalusia, you will know, that once you have visited a city like this, the memories, like collected souvenirs, keep begging you to get back in there, surrounded by sounds of guitar and orange blossom...where Flamenco is a lifestyle and where oranges are lying on the streets like leafs...and nobody would pick them up, they would be treated like balls for little boys and ignored by little girls, where nobody would be surprised to see people dancing on the streets, where fiesta doesn't have an hour or specific day...they celebrate the life now and here, like we all should.

Andalusia, the largest region of Spain, I would say number one for fame for its Flamenco, bullfights and world wide known fiestas, which don't ask for occasion. There is a legend that say, when people from El Andalus asked Allah for only five things they would like for their country, clear blue skies, threes full of fruits, seas full of fish, beautiful women and a very fair system of government, and guess what? Allah gave them all, but as you can see, apart the last wish, on the basis that they would have all the five gifts, the kingdom would become an unearthly paradise, where everyone would like to live. Before Andalusia used to be one of the poorest regions in Spain, nowadays it has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe for all kind of tastes, with its sandy beaches, great weather , spectacular mountains, amazing countryside, entertainment and welcoming and high spirited people.

Did you know that Andalusia was a place that gave birth and home to amazing Pablo Picasso, royal painter Velasquez, greatest novelists Ernest Hemingway and Laurie Lee, home to the world's most famous opera Bizet's Carmen, a place where two religions have been fighting each other for centuries, Christianity and Islam, this region has survived it and stood between two very different faiths and ideologies. The bones of famous Christopher Columbus are inside Seville's Cathedral, which takes a part of Andalusia's region, a place where many great artist have taken their inspiration from, where tapas has become a national obsession.

For some, it would be translated like a little snack that comes along with a drink, but not for Spanish, it's more, accompanied with glass of wine or sherry, tapas will enhance the taste experience and also slow down the effect of the alcohol, many little saucers filled with goodies, such as salami, olives, rise, cheese and many other national goods. Back in time they used to be free, nowadays it's a rare thing to find,you can also change the bars, this way sampling their various specialties. Flamenco will proof to you, that there is no other destination available on earth to call paradise.

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