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St Petersburg with European flavour

Window to the West

The window to Europe, that's how St Petersburg is called, a city that is magnificent by its history, beauty and great artists. Being one of the world's most beautiful cities, St Petersburg has all that a city needs to be unforgettable experience for travellers from all over the world, from extraordinary history, very strong traditions, which might seem too exaggerated for the rest of the world, but still have inspired some of the modern world's greatest literature, music, and visual art, to lavish architecture and amazingly wild night-life.

St Petersburg was the capital of Russia , until the 1917 of October, during the comunist era the city was renamed Leningrad, and in most of the Europe still called this way, but than back in 1991 the population chose back the old name, St Petersburg. This marvellous city has lost a lot during the World War II with Germans, when almost one million citizens died...that was considered as the most tragic period in St Petersburg history. The city was found by Great Peter back in 1703 and it has more than 300 years history, good and bad, tragic and great, that all makes St Petersburg as it is now one of the greatest cities on the earth.

There are thousands of toursist every single day looking for different kind of magic to experience in this city, and I guarantee, every single of them finds what they are looking for, cos it's enormous with events and things to do, you wont get enough. Consider that it charms and entices in every season, during the summer, it's famous for the white nights , when it is almost continuously light during June and July. During winter there will be bunch of operas and ballet productions , that's what St Petersburg is famous for,great cultural life, where famous people keep attending.

Let me remind you that in this city many composers such as Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Mussorgsky and writers like Dostoyevsky and Pushkin lived in, every single great artist has been to this city, like Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, Renoir, Ruebens and Rembrandt. As it's the cultural capital of Russia, you will have to visit some of the most famous museums, also the churches are impressive and huge in all senses, like “Church of the Saviour on Blood” which is a typical Russian church, characterised by the many colors used and the onion-shape cupolas.

Russians are nation that eats and drinks, a lot :) they know how to celebrate , also sometimes going over the top, they good hearted and warm, but unfortunately still racists, if you have dark skin, you might get in trouble, another tip, you have to be careful to don’t get in any fights. And the food, with centuries it has lost its traditions, back than , the food was the symbol of their wealth and social position, and it still is. Russian dinners were marvelled at all over the world, especially those that were held at the Imperial court, they would have two waiters on each guest, during the meal there could be different courses served. The start at pm and can end in the morning, Russians go for BIG, they like to show off and enjoy , that's the way they are, and we do like it, just to see how different we are, we do have to respect other traditions and take a little bit from Russian easiness.

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