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Croatia, old world graciousness

Zagreb throbs with energy

It has finally started the season to go to the beach, to sale, and do all the crazy thing you might do in and around the water...Croatia has become one of the best vacation destination, it's amazing, the waters are crystal clear and it's pretty reasonable price, nowadays with crisis situation all over the world, is more than perfect...with years Croatia has grown in tourism, the season is from April until late September, even if the coast is too cool yet in April, but we guarantee, you will enjoy clear skies and beautiful coastlines...

Remember though that July and August is the high season, when everything become more expensive, when all the sailors are willing to go for excursions or private sailing trips, cruise the magical Adriatic from Split to Dubrovnik and all the way in between. Croatia is worth it to enjoy some sun, fun and fabulous Croatia itself, including Hvar, Mljet, Milna, Korcula, Makarska and of course Dubrovnik. September is time, when kids return in school and summer holiday fun has pretty much ended, so it's less crowded, the prices are a bit more economical, weather is easier to handle and great fruits like figs and grapes are available, exquisite!

Zagreb itself is a new competitor in Europe, with Prague and Budapest, it's called also a city of museums, there are more of them per square foot than any other city in the world, but don't thing that there is nothing else to see. Zagreb is the right place to enjoy a bit of everything, it's divided into three parts, the upper town Gornji grad which is thousand year old, with President Palace, the St. Mark's church and the main Croatian parliament and loads of museums, the lover town Donji grad a lovely place for all the shopaholicks, countless fancy bars and coffee shops and the third part is the less interesting for tourists, Novi Zagreb, new Zagreb, which has new , high buildings and not really much to do and to offer.

Croats are very much related to the Romans, so meals are very important parts of the daily life, the main meal is a late lunch, which actually helps them to stay fit, not eating too much late in the evening, plus they are hard workers...the majority of the foods has an Austrian or Hungarian flavour . A very traditional dish is chicken or beef souppotatos and cooked pork with a lot of bred. If you move towards the coast the dish totally changes, they are serving fish, risotto and pasta, more closer to Italian style, many travellers in fact are Italians, and the coffee culture is very strong and appreciated in here. The dinner consist of "leftovers" from the lunch, it could be cold meats and bread with cheese, so no one has to sweat in the kitchen...the restaurants are very expensive, so Croats stay home, it's all about tourism in here.

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