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Siem Reap, home for world's wonder, Angkor

Its beauty will take your heart away

There are some cities in the world, actually there are good few, that no one have ever heard about, but they definitely deserve a good look, one of those is Siem Reap in Cambodia, country where no one thought that Siem Reap would be big one day, back in 60s they start to see the potential of the city, and a place to soon be rich and famous. Siem Reap is located in South-east Asia, and it has become of the most popular destinations on the planet, surprisingly the city has reinvented itself as the epicentre of the new Cambodia, with countless great hotels and guest houses. If you wonder about the name of Siem Reap, simply meaning Siames defeated, it refers of the Khmer Empire's victory over Thai kingdom back in 17th century.

Maybe you have no idea , why this city has grown so quickly, the biggest thanks goes to the Cambodia's world's 8th wonders in it, temples of Angkor, which are the most impressive and most perfectly constructed temple, also being a symbol of Cambodia. The wonder turned Siem Reap into a boom town quickly, in less than a half a decade. It was a great time for countries economy, the hotels popped up easily one after another, and the property values jumped up to European levels, and there was no need to force the tourism, the visitors were poring like a water in a glass. And nowadays you would barely recognize Siem Rap from how it was back in 2000.

Consider that once it was a avarage village that now is construction site in Cambodia, it's a very pleasant place to stay in , relaxing in a laid-back atmosphere, while you will discover the wonderful temples and compromise between observing Cambodian life , at the same time truly enjoying the modern services and entertainment, all the merit of the large expatriate community. Just imagine, that Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world, it's so huge that it seem unbelievable from the beginning to take it all in at once, it's spread out over 100 square kilometre jungle site being 200 meters wide and with 350 meters entrance portico, which is quite impressive. Angkor temple has 1 km of spectacular carvings, plus the galleries and great labyrinth of passages, courtyards and as the main object, five lotus flower towers right in the centre, the Great City.

Siem Reap might be overdosed with tourists and those ones willing to see the temples, but it's a little charmer in heart, with amazing, cute old French shops houses and shady boulevards and brand new luxury hotels and restaurants for tourists, Siem Reap is full of contrasts, that are gained with years and big cultural diversity, it has grown into a safe, friendly and pleasant town, a peaceful place, where to forget about the existence of the world. They say, even three days aren't enough long time to carefully study the Siem Reap, it's a place on earth to be savoured, definitely not rushed, a place ,which you will leave being more rich than you arrived, Siem Reap's charm and beauty with no doubt will take your heart away.

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