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Marseille bubbling over with history

Place where the mistral wind blows

France itself is one of the most visited countries in the world, a top destination , where lovers, wine and food lovers head, the art and museum fans and fashionistas go, it seems like there is no need for an particular reason to have ,to visit this country. But it's not all about Paris, Marseille is a very rich port city, back in 6th century Greeks were firs ones to discover this marvellous city, located along the Mediterranean Sea in the southeastern part of France , in fact is the oldest city in the country.

Marseille has a strong and rich cultural traditions , so anyone interested will be amazed, being also an important port in Europe. Most of you would think that city's main raison d'etre is tourism, well I will disappoint you saying that it's not, it's more a port-of-call for many Mediterranean cruises. Boats and yachts from all over the world stop in Marseilles, making up a great movement and chaos, which is characteristics of the city, a bustling city with a lot of traffic, but like all the cities in the word it has its poor and also very wealthy citizens. It has it all, sun, sea, nature and a very strong culture, the inhabitants are very welcoming and warm people, even if their English is not very good, they would try and succeed to help you.

As I mentioned the people there are smiley and warm, and why wouldn't they be? Marseille is blessed with a sunshine 320 days of the year. Its not all just about the port and sunshine, this region is famous for great vineyards and tasteful wine, Cassis and Bandol are two most visited regions, the beauty of the Alpilles, the ruins of the castle and so much more, breathtaking views. Near to Casis the vines clamber up steep hillsides that comes out of the seaside, to the east you will experience slopes, punctuated with picturesque hilltop villages that will be marvellously surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.

It's a paradise on earth, Marseills and all the area around it, full of attractions and history to learn, anywhere you stay in Cassis, the window view will be over the city of Marseills and coastline. Marseille is like a beautiful women, you see it from far away and fall in love before knowing it better...with geaurges views, great coastlines and great vineyards, sitting in the beach , relaxing and sipping one of the rose wines, a total peace and relax, that only this city can offer, and a tranquillity that seems hard to find in a traffic full port city, but believe me, you will find it.

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