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Seoul, food at any hour

Strong tea traditions

Whatever and whenever you like,Seoul will provide it for you, food at any hour, you can visit early in the morning any kind of touristic site, for example temple visit , followed by tea house visit in Buckhon gallery, night markets are open, DVD rental is open all night long, if you are willing to see the latest Korean blockbuster, in Seoul you can do whatever you like, how and when will come along...eating is one of the greatest pleasures of visiting Korea, they are worldwide famous for diverse native dishes. Getting around the city? No worries, Seoul's public transport is brilliant, so you should definitely take advantage of it and go beyond the Fortess Walls.

If you are a passionate foodie, it will be the right place for you, there will be fatty pancakes with sweet filling on each corner of the streets, but most of the food here is very tasty and healthy, balanced and low in calories, with every meal comes a huge bowl of hot crab soup and rice on the side. For any kind of budget there will be something suitable,from street stalls with cheap prices to fancy restaurants with three course meals. Koreans are definitely not early risers, the movement on the streets starts around 10.30 am, they stay up late, drink a lot and their favorite phrase is Fast Fast, that means food should be prepared quickly to grab on the way to the school or offices, it's a huge city with population over 10 million people, so everything should be organized and done already.

They are big tea drinkers, you will find tea houses on every corner, that's what they love., to enjoy their cup of tea, just like English. Even if new Starbucks pops up in town every week, Koreans haven't forgot their traditional tea roots. Whether is cold winter or warm spring , under cherry blossom all around, Koreans will find an excuse to sit on the terrace with friends enjoying their tea, Seoul is packed with teahouses that are worth exploring.

Seoul is a fascinating capital, with ancient and strong traditions, with cutting edge digital technology and famous for its extraordinary high pressure educational system and the city itself is very well organized. Buddhist temples, nightlife districts, culture and extraordinary architecture, endless teahouses and so much more that Seoul, city filled with stark contrasts, can offer. Korea finally gained its independence back in 1945 from JApan, during Korean wars almost entire city was destroyed, when finally on March 1951 when United Nation forces took control over Seoul, the city started to grow back and get rebuilded.

Seoul is the most populous city in Korea, with center of business, modern culture and education hot spot, offering many opportunities for active stay, parks mountains and night clubs, there no is no such a thing that is missing in this city, Seoul is a soul of Korea. The your time and soak it up with a cup of tea and a lot of fast fast food grabbed from the ladies on the streets.

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