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Milan is Italy's second largest city and the hottest spot in the world for fashion and banking, so it gives a title to be one of the richest cities in Europe, no wonder, all of the wealthiest tourists head to Milan for two reasons money to spend and fashion, that borns there every second, female attracted by latest collections and males for business, there is something also for art and history lovers, holding the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, the famous La Scala Opera House and of course the Last Supper painting. Milan is one of the most stylish cities, full of history and countless impressive buildings, you will experience everything in Mian a very modern office buildings and old Neo-classical Milanese palaces, it's a city where the history goes hand to hand with modern life.

If your visit to Milan is the first time, make sure you get shocked unprepared, even if it’s obvious that this city is far away from economical, even if you can find some bargains , there are all kind io accommodations from luxury starts hotels, to very cheap hostel or B&B kind. But make sure , you do not plan your stay in Milan during fashion week, specially if you have interest visiting the catwalk, the search for accommodation could turn out pretty challenging. Galleries, museums, monuments and that special rush that's in the city, that's all that makes up characteristic of Milano, a city whose inhabitants would rather escape once they can, heading to the seaside, mountains or some place quiet. It’s too loud, too fashionable, too expensive and too heavy to deal with, stressful but no doubt marvellous, or you have to be born in there or simply love it!

Italians have two passions, food and fashion, which seems will never change and they will the leaders forever now. There are two traditional dishes in Milan Risotto alla milanese, which is rice with saffron served with some parmesan cheese, and cotoletta alla milanese,breaded veal, which is so untypical for Italians, it's taken from the north of Italy, I guess. And of course the aperitif time, after a stressful day making money, they love to get some snacks before dinner, which still in Italy is the most important meal of the day, a dinner with family.

For the first sight Milano can seem just another cold hearted, catwalks gracing, new architecture striking city with no obvious soul, but you have to give it a chance to improve, its style and class is much more than skin deep. During the day you can visit cathedrals and all the history that seems gre, but has so much behind,watching fashionistas running through Gucci, Pucci, Versace, Armani and many other designer stores at Golden Quad, during the night have aperitivo, go out in some of the city’s fanciest clubs or theatres and operas, there are so many thing this city hides behind its perfect bone structure. Aside the fashion and finance , there is one more religion existing in Milan, calcio, the city is home to both AC Milan and Inter, making its fans go crazy almost every sunday at the Stadium, San Siro, during the season. Give Milan a chance!

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