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Very independent Hong Kong

Sipping afternoon tea and eating sneak soup

Hong Kong is considered to be very safe and fantastically organised, it might not be the most perfect place on the earth, but Hong Kong definitely offers you a moments of perfection. Hong Kong is very well known for its extremely expansive skyline and natural harbour. Some of us still things that Hong Kong belongs to China, which is not true, Hong Kong is officially an independent country, although technically still under Chinese control, the new country was heavily influenced under British control in the past, the country still contains British transportation system, and they have never used a similar one to China mainland.

Even if Hong Kong people still have to argue about their independence, cos most of the countries still thinks they are part of china, the principle is " one country, two systems" , which makes them pretty separate from China, running totally different economic and political system compare those ones that run mainland China.

Known as a place where East meets West, reflecting a heavy mix of cultures, two totally different cultures, territory's roots of China with influences from British colony, Hong Kong still is in a search of their own identity, trying to prof the world, they are unique, and the truly are. Hong Kong is a place where to delight in, you will find people being very happy sitting on a plastic stool , sipping their afternoon tea, very British, and eating beef soap, in simple places with marvelous view to the harbour or on the terraces of 5 stars hotels, that's how diverse Hong Kong can be, you just have to take it easy and be yourself. Once you are done with the city center, you can head to the mountains, beaches or desert islands, the choice is very wide, if you are willing to escape the busy streets and traffic jams.

And here is the most delicious part of the country, the cuisine, which is also a great mix of cultures, the fusion of east and west can be felt characterizing Hong Kong's cuisine. Have you ever tried a sneak soap or a whole roast suckling pig? The roasted pig is a tradition, while sneak soup is a total delicacy in Hong Kong. The snake meat is shredded into thin white strips and served in a broth of mushrooms, seafood and lemon leaves, they also believe that sneak soap wards off colds and other maladies. A very traditional and famous is refreshing bowl of beef brisket noodles, that they serve in every single restaurant in the city.

Hong Kong is a new born city and country, where everyone feels alive, where wine glasses are tinkling, where great aromas are coming from the kitchen, and culinary festivals are celebrated. Hong Kong people are in non stop rush and stress, for them time is money, and a minute that you waste is a step away from the fortune, but no matter how addicted they are, they will help you to explore their beautiful country, Hong Kong.

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